Our Sorbets

The Dalkey Food Company’s collection of gourmet sorbets are a sweet suite of dairy-free, all-fruit tantalizing tastefulness.

Lovingly handmade using the freshest of ingredients chosen for their seasonal goodness and superior flavour.

These sorbets do not contain any fruit nectar, concentrates or stabilisers. Because, you know, that’s kind of cheating! To us it’s the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit that matters!

We also prefer not to stew the fruit with the sugar - because what does that make? Yes, jam! And we ain’t making jam.

We don’t cook our precious fruit, we like to keep it fresh. It all wins out in the taste. Promise!

Our three flavour combos we are currently making are:

Raspberry & Tarragon: Crisp, sweet, ripe raspberry cut with the soft aniseed-like kick of tarragon. You may not have tried it before, but one time and you’re sold. Founder, Ivan says “the tarragon makes the sorbet sing, like a frame makes a painting”.

Strawberry & Basil: strawberry but not as you know it - the classic sweetness of strawberry and then a small peppery twist of basil. It shouldn’t make sense, but it does.

Lemon Sorbet: pure, simple, zesty and tangy. The ultimate waker-upper for your palate. (nice in between courses during dinner - yes, we’ve tried it!)