Our Soups

At The Dalkey Food Company we love soup. We believe soup is fuel for the soul. It epitomises the alchemy of cookery, when a few simple ingredients, combined in the right way, can create something truly wonderful, healthy and fulfilling. 

Warming and distinctive, our soups use only the best seasonal ingredients. We are passionate about the importance of seasonality to capture the produce when it is at its peak of flavour and goodness. These measures also mean that our vegetables can come from local producers rather than flying them into the country, leaving a huge carbon footprint. It's good for our conscience and very good for our taste buds.

Soups are not confined to when the weather is chilly. We have a fantastic range of summer soups too. Chock full of anti-oxidants and goodness, they are refreshing and delicious on a hot sunny day.

Food Service Vendors, What do we do for you?
We delivery freshly made soup, piping hot, direct to your premises. Our soup is made fresh that morning from scratch containing only the freshest, most seasonal of vegetables. Our premium soups are gluten, dairy, meat, and MSG free thus catering to all your customer's needs. Our menus rotate on a 10 day basis thus giving you a wide selection of delicious warming soups.
Our Soup is delivered hot to your door there is no extra need for re-heating, specialised staff to facilitate this, or the added HACCP burden to accommodate this. We delivery daily all around Dublin.